How do I Rent?

For manual order quotes, call 561-396-2346 EXT 2. | Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5:00pm EST.

1.  "Select a rental period view price and availability."

2. Search our inventory and select items.

3. Select "checkout", create an account, or sign in to your existing account.

4. Fill out the Rental Account Agreement.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, general liability and rented equipment insurance. If you do not have any insurance, we will either refer an insurance provider, or include a fee that covers the equipment. Review section 6 of our Rental Account Agreement for details on coverage, and insurance references.

COI info:

Studio Warehouse

Beyond the Pines Productions, inc dba Beyond Rentals, LLC.

1027 N Florida Mango Rd Suite #7 West Palm Beach, FL 33409 

Why does an item say its unavailble? 

An item could be marked as unavailable for the following reasons: low stock, out of stock, reserved, or it may need to be requested by email, or phone.

Are there late fees or early pick up fees?

Yes, our business hours are 9am-5pm Monday- Friday. If you would like to pick up or drop off outside of business hours then a fee will be applied to your order. Fees are subject to change, weekend fees will be more than weekday fees.

Do we deliver?

Yes! We will deliver and pickup your rented video production equipment! There will be a fee applied to your order based on distance, labor, surcharge, and our company's profit. The fee can be added to checkout for local West Palm Beach deliveries.

How do I rent your Studio space?

If you're interested in renting our studio, or our production partners', please send us an email to https://[email protected]. Please include the dates you're wanting to rent. Video, Lighting, and Grip equipment can be added to your rental at anytime! Checkout our available spaces for rent.

My question isn't answered here.

You can email us at [email protected], calling 561-396-2346 EXT. 2, or directly message us by visiting www.beyondthepinesproductions.com and clicking the chatbox in the bottom left hand corner.

How can I save on rentals?

Apply for a Florida Sales Tax Exemption Certificate!

You will save $7.00 for every $100 spent on rentals. Apply today for Florida's three-months sales tax exemption. This exception must happen 48 hours before your rental.

Once you receive your Tax exemption certificate, revist this link and upload it to your account. The Tax Exemption certifcate will allow your company to:

- Lease, rent, or hold a license in real property used as an integral part of the performance of qualified production services, as provided in Section 212.031(1)(a)9., Florida Statutes (F.S.), tax exempt; or

- Purchase or lease motion picture or video equipment and sound recording equipment, as provided in Section 212.08(5)(f), F.S., tax exempt; or

- Purchase or lease master tapes, master records, master films, or master video tapes, as provided in Section 212.08(12), F.S., tax exempt.

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