Aputure Spotlight Mount 26° Lighting Modifier (Bowen-S M)



1x Aputure NOVA P300c RGBWW LED Panel with Rolling Case Kit
1x NOVA P300c LED Panel
1x Control Box
1x Lightning Clamp
1x 5-Pin Male to Female 9.8' XLR Head Cable
1x 5-Pin Male to Female 2' XLR Head Cable
1x Neutrik powerCON 19.7' AC Power Cable
1x Aputure Softbox for P300c LED Panel: 1x 40° Grid, 1x Carry Case
1x Hard Rolling Case

Aputure Spotlight Mount Set 26° Lens Overview

Offering a high degree of control, this Aputure Spotlight Mount Set is a versatile light modifier with an included 26° lens for producing a dramatic yet clean beam of light. Featuring a Bowens mount, this modifier can be easily attached to a variety of lights, including the Light Storm LC 120d II, 120D, and 300D, and its integrated yoke has a dual junior/baby mount for attaching to anything from a C-stand to a lighting grid. The Spotlight's design incorporates a dual drop-in slot, which can accept the included B-size gobo holder, included gel holder, or an optional adjustable iris for further control over the shape and size of the light beam. Like a conventional ellipsoidal light, too, the lens can be easily swapped in order to achieve a different beam angle. The Spotlight Mount has a durable aluminum alloy housing and this kit is delivered in a hard travel case to protect the housing, lens, and accessories during transport.