Lupo Superpanel 1x1 Soft RGBW LED Panels


Designed for maximum control and high output quality, the Superpanel Full Color 30 RGBWW LED Panel from Lupo has three color modes to satisfy the needs of the demanding user. RGBWW mode allows you to control red, green, blue, and warm white LEDs independently, making millions of colors accessible. HSI mode enables control of hue, saturation, and intensity of color, while CCT mode offers color temperature control from a warm 2800K to an icy-blue 10,000K as well as magenta/green adjustments. The realization of Lupo's efforts is evident in the panel's high CRI/TLCI rating of 96/98, an indication of outstanding accuracy in color rendering. As a further measure of consistency, Lupo employs linear, exponential, and logarithmic dimmer curves (0 to 100%) to ensure accurate, repeatable, linear output in response to the input signal. You can make these adjustments locally on the fixture or remotely thanks to an onboard DMX. Settings are displayed on the light's digital screen. The menu also features an extensive collection of preset filters as well as special effects that you can quickly use on the set.

The Superpanel has an active/passive cooling system. Under normal working conditions, the Superpanel's fan is barely perceptible, but it can simply be turned off for silent, passive heat dispersion and dead-quiet operation in sound-sensitive environments. Another important benefit is the light's power options. The Superpanel Full Color 30 is ready for worldwide use, thanks to the inclusion of multi-voltage AC adapters, but it can also run on an optional V-mount battery for shooting in locations where AC power is unavailable. Additionally, a USB Type-A connection is provided for firmware updates.

Wide Range of Colors

With its 40 degree beam spread, the Superpanel Full Color 30 guarantees outstanding luminous emittance with more than 13,000 Lux at a 3.3', and thanks to 5-color technology (RGBWW), the CRI/TLCI rating for accuracy in color rendering is a very high 96/98.

3 Color Modes Plus Presets and Special Effects

  • RGBWW: Allows you to control red, green, blue, and white LEDs independently.
  • HSI: Enables hue, saturation, and intensity of color control.
  • CCT: Offers color temperature control from 2800 to 10,000K, as well as magenta/green adjustment.
  • Presets and special effects: Features an extensive library of preset filters and special effects that can be quickly accessed.

Linear, Exponential, and Logarithmic Dimmer Curves

Three dimmer curves for accurate, repeatable, linear output in response to the input signal.

DMX Control

Make color temperature, light intensity, hue, and saturation adjustments locally on the fixture or remotely from a console via onboard DMX.

Battery or AC Option

The Superpanel comes with multi-voltage AC adapters for worldwide use, but you can also run the light on a separately purchased V-mount battery.

Intuitive Settings

The digital display on the back of the Superpanel Full Color 30 allows you to see the settings for intensity, color temperature, color mode, green/magenta adjustments, dimmer curves, special effects, and DMX channels.


Lupo Superpanel Soft Full Color 30 1x1 RGBW LED Panel
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