Teradek Bolt 4K LT 750 3G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit



Teradek Bolt 4K LT 750 3G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit
Bolt 4K LT 750 3G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Transmitter
Bolt 4K LT 750 3G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Receiver
2-Pin to D-Tap Power Cable (18")
Micro-USB to USB Type-A Cable (36")
18W AC Adapter Cable with 2-Pin Connector (6')
2 x BNC Cable (10")
7 x Antenna
1/4"-20 Light Stand Adapter
Shoe Adapter
Wooden Camera Offset Mount
Carry Case

Transmit and receive lossless 4K video from up to 750' line of sight with the Bolt 4K LT 750 3G-SDI Transmitter & Bolt 4K 750 12G-SDI Receiver Kit from Teradek. The kit includes a wireless Bolt LT 750 4K transmitter and a Bolt 4K 12G-SDI 750 receiver that feature bright OLED displays and can wirelessly send and receive up to 4K30 video with 10-bit 4:2:2 HDR support.

This specially designed hybrid kit allows you to upscale from 1080p and output 4K video via 12G-SDI with the Bolt 4K receiver rather than just 3G-SDI of the LT receiver. It also allows for a lighter load with a smaller transmitter and it is compatible with an optional H+V antenna. All Bolt transmitters and receivers are cross compatible. The units can be powered using DC power or with optional V-mount or Gold mount battery plates.

Teradek Bolt 4K LT 750 3G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Transmitter

Transmit lossless HD video up to 750' with the Bolt 4K LT 750 3G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Transmitter from Teradek. The transmitter can input up to 4K video over HDMI and 1080p60 over 3G-SDI with 10-bit 4:2:2 HDR support. It transmits visually lossless video to any Bolt 4K series receiver with zero delay. The transmitter unit provides a powerful signal that can travel up to 750' line of sight. It also features a bright OLED display and a 3G-SDI loop output.

The transmitter supports transmission of up to 4K30 video to up to six receivers, and it features improved metadata, range, and compatibility over its predecessors. Built-in AES-256 encryption protects your video from prying eyes, while noise rejection keeps your video clean no matter how many devices are using the wireless spectrum. The Bolt LT system also supports the transmission of timecode and start/stop triggers from the camera.

The Bolt 4K series units are all cross-compatible, so you can transmit to different Bolt 4K series receiver models. The transmitter also supports an iOS or Android app that easily connects via Bluetooth, which provides a spectrum analyzer, channel selection tools, and remote configuration. There are 1/4"-20 and M3 mounting threads to mount your transmitter on a variety of cameras, cages, or rigs.

  • Cross-compatible with all Bolt 4K series devices over 5 GHz signal spectrum
  • Input up to 4K via HDMI video; input 1080p via 3G-SDI, and transmit up to 4K30 video
  • Supports Rec 2020 HDR in 10-bit 4:2:2 color gamut
  • Smaller and lighter chassis design than other Bolt transmitters
  • Transmit to up to six Bolt 4K series receiversAES-256 encryption support
  • Wireless iOS/Android app via Bluetooth features a spectrum analyzer and remote configuration

Teradek Bolt 4K 750 12G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Receiver

With the Bolt 4K 750 12G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Receiver from Teradek, you can receive visually lossless 4K60 video signals from any Bolt 4K transmitter with less than 1 ms of latency and send them out two 12G-SDI outputs or one HDMI output. The receiver unit can be secured to a camera or other SDI/HDMI video source via built-in 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 threaded holes. The five included antennas provide a powerful signal that can receive from up to a 750' line of sight.

The receiver supports cross conversion from HDMI input to SDI loop output. It also supports HDR workflows, 10-bit 4:22 via 12G-SDI, and 8-bit 4:4:4 via HDMI. Its bright LED screen shows current settings and frequencies, and the transmitter can also connect with the Bolt app for iOS via Bluetooth for configuration.

Power can be provided using the integrated 2-pin connector or by separately available Gold or V-mount battery plates. A Bolt 4K transmitter supports up to six receivers, and it can operate up to six transmitters with receivers in the same area with Wi-Fi or 5 GHz appliances with the help of the noise rejection feature. It also features built-in AES-256 encryption with RSA-1024 key exchange to protect your video from prying eyes.

  • Two 12G-SDI outputs and one HDMI output750' line-of-sight range
  • Compatible with any Bolt 4K transmitter
  • Up to 48 kHz 24-bit PCM embedded audio supported
  • SDI ancillary data support for metadata, timecode, and start/stop flags from certain camera manufacturers1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting points2-pin LEMO-type power input
  • Built-in display with joystick navigation
  • Micro-USB port for upgrades

Offset Mount for Bolt 4K LT TX is a streamlined and versatile bracket designed for mounting the Teradek Bolt 4K LT TX in up to six different positions via a single captive 1/4"-20 screw.

Utilize the offset 1/4"-20 pass-through slot to mount the Offset Mount for Bolt 4K LT TX directly onto any 1/4"-20 mounting point. Featuring removable screw-in set pins located on both ends of the 1/4"-20 pass-through slot for added security that can be removed when not in use and stored on the side of the unit. The Offset Mount can also be mounted via one pass-through 1/4"-20 hole located at the top of the bracket.

It also features one 3/8"-16 and two 1/4"-20 mounting points with locating pin depressions for securely attaching additional mounting interfaces such as articulating arms, rod components, and mounting kits.