1-ton Grip Van


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Gas is priced at ¢0.65/mile.
Expendables are pay-per-use.


8x 40" C-stands w/arms

2x 20" C-stands w/arms

2x Triple Risers Combo stands

4x Double Riser Combo stands

4x Beefy Babies stands


2x Baby Scissor Clamps

1x Matthews Baby Plate - 6"
1x Quad T12 Clamp
2x Dual T12 Clamp
2x Single T12 Clamp

1x Matthews Baby Plate - 3"

2x Matthews Baby Grid Clamp

4x Mafer Clamps

4x Baby Pins

3x Butt Plugs

2x Duckbill Clamps

2x Matthews Matthellini Clamp with 6" End Jaw

1x Matthews Matthellini Clamp with 3" Center Jaw 

1x Furnie Clamp

2x Matthews C - Clamp, Baby Pin - 6"

2x Baby Big Bens

4x Baby Grid Clamps w/safety pins


2x Full sets of Apple Boxes

9x 35lb sandbags

10x 25lb sandbags

4x Ratchet Straps

5x Safety Cables

10x Sound blankets

Spring Clamps (#1 ,#2 % #3)

Tennis Balls


2x 4x4 Floppy

1x 4x4 Flags

2x 24x36"
1x Artificial Silk

1x set of 7 scrims (12x20") 

2x 4x4 Frames

2x 6x6 Frames

2x 40 x 40 Gel Frames (216 & 250 Diffusion)


4x4 Magic Cloth 

4x4 Unbleached Muslin 

6x6 Magic Cloth

6x6 Full grid/silent full sail 

4x4 Ultra Bounce 

(pay per use)

1x 4x4 Bead Board
2x 2x2 Bead Boards
1x #410 Opal Frost Diffusion Roll " 

2x Rosco N.6 ND Filter 60" x 20" 

1x Rosco #216 White Diffusion Roll 

1x Lee #250 Half White Diffusion Roll 

1x 100ft Sash Cord Zip ties 

White Gaffers Tape 1" 1/2"

1/2" Colored Spike Tape 


4x Road Cones 

2x Safety Jackets

Small First Aid Kit 

Jumper Box 
Step Ladder